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Beans Talk

a) Review and assessment of targeted keywords, review and basic optimization of site structure, optimization of titles and meta tags, optimization of content, basic link building if required, manual search engine submissions, monthly review and report on rankings across the major search engines.b) All of this plus competition analysis.c) Consulting services (*it could be by email) .d) Training, it could be 1-over the phone, 2-on site or 3-conference.e) analysis of keywords and bid prices, titles and descriptions, landing pages, keyword conversionsand of campaign based on targeting features (dayparting, localizations, etc.) f) creation of landing pages, campaign setup, regional considerations, daily/weekly trends, etc., setup on multiple PPC engines as required, daily review of bids, weekly analysis of conversion by keyword to determine where the budget should be focused, recommendation on new phrases and areas to expand into as applicable.g) Link submission.h) Press release writing and distribution service.

a) Six months or until goal is met. b) Between six and twelve months or until goal is met. c) Depends on the difficulty d) 1 depends, 2 minimun 4 hs, 3 depends. e) 7 days. f) 3, 6 or 12 month contracts avail. g) Doesn't specify. h) 1month+

a) Between $1895 and $4295 depending on the amount of pages optimized and links.
b) $7395 - $22,395.
c) $250p/hour, if travel is required $100 p/ travel hour plus expenses, *email is $50 p/question.
d) 1 and 2, $500 p/hour. 3, $3500 -$5000 a day depending on the attendees, plus expenses.
e) $1500
f) $2000-$4000 a month depending on client's income.
g) $100-$1000 depending on the amount of links.
h) $495,


Press release, article writing, consultancy,



We Build Pages

a ) Link Building, b) Phone and in person training and consulting.c) Consulting.d) Link building report.e) Competitor analysis.f) Page optimization.

a) p/ month b) p/hour c) 2 weeks d) 30 hs e) ?? f) 20 hs

a) $5000 a month b) $499 to $7999 c) $2500 d) $2500 e) $2500 f) $4000


a) Consulting. b) adaptation of the text content of a site to algorithms and preferences of search engines(key density, it's location and amount of text, metatags) . c) robots.txt file composition, Javascript or Flash links elimination, change from dinamic pages to pseudo-static ones. d) advertisements

This company doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

Network Solutions - marketing.networksol

a) Visibility:HTML analysis, links, metatag generation.b) keyword research, page optimization, content creation, submission, link verification.c) Press release.d) Pay p/ Click advertisement.e) creation of page for links, cretion of a "link to us" page, competition backlink analysis.

a) p/ month b) Doesn't specify. c) 2 to 5 bus days. d) p/month e) p/month

a) $34,95 p/month b) from $1800 to $5800 c) $450 d) $125 or $700. e) from $250 to $1100 p/month

Net smartz -

a) Title analysis.b) Site Optimization.c) Submissions.d) Keyword research analysis.e) Competition analysis.

Doesn't give service timing

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

SEOptimize -

a) Website analysis.b) Keyword research.c) Link building.d) Blog marketing.e) Highlight potential issues.f) Social Media Optimization by creating a quality content which can be promoted via social media websites such us Digg.

Doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

Mannix -

a) create or optimize content and new pages, adding text. b) Directory submissions. c) Keyword analysis. d) PPC advertisements. e) Consulting:1-General, 2-Specific Website.

e) 1-one hour over the phone, 2-up to 3 hs over the phone.

d) $350 and up. e) 1-$255 and 2-$600

Inteliture -

a) Research and analysis.b) competitive industry analysis, design recommendations, link building, metatags, keyword density and content improvement.c) Search engine placement.d) Consulting 1-over the phone,2-on site,3-about website design,4-non search engine consulting,5-about link campaigns.

a) Doesn't specify b) Doesn't specify c) p/month d) 1-p/hour,2-p/day,3-p/hour,4-p/ hour,5-not spec

a) $395 b) $695 c) from $1000 to $4500 d) 1-$250, 2-$1500+expenses, 3-$250, 4-$250, 5-starting at $1500.

Click response -

a) Website analysis(metatags, keywords, content, broken links, etc.) b) article and directories submission.c) create content.

Doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

Submit Express -

a) Keyword and content generation, incoming links, redeveloping the website.b) Submissions.c) Pay p/click advertisements.d) yahoo/overture inclusion.e) press release services.f) email advertisements.g) newsteller advertisements.

Doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

Seo Guy -

a) Keyword research, content creation, website and code modifications, site maping, link popularity.b) submissions.c) Consulting(telephone, e-mail or instant messenger) .

a) p/ month (3) b) p/month (after a) first 3 months) c) p/hour

a) from $2000 up to $10000. b) from $500 up to $5000 c) $250.

Bitwise Logic -

a) Site and competition analysis, keyword research, strategic plan.b) PPC campaign analysis, PPC keyword research, PPC optimization plan.c) Basic or Statical conversion analysis, website analytics service.

a) p/ month b) p/month c) p/month

a) from $295 up to $995 b) from $195 up to $695 c) from $495 up to $1295.


a) keyword and industry research, keyword position reports, price comparison.b) keyword density, anchor text, information architecture, title, heading tag and meta tags review, assessment of source code, webpage validation.b) Setup for google, overture and other.c) link text phrases, directory building, directory submission, link relationships development.d) Sitemap development, robots.txt creation, ensure spiderable content.e) inclusion to froogle, XML-feed Pay p/click setup.

This company doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

Seo Logic -

a) Industry analysis, past marketing analysis, keywords analysis, competitive analysis.b) Submission to the major search engines.c) Pay p/click advertisements.

Doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

White Hat Media -

a) recommendations on: major area where the site needs to be addessed, achieving a high listing, changes to site's code, content and structure, organic and paid methods.b) Appropriateness and relevance, frequency, value and competitiveness for keywords.c) Competitve research.d) Optimization for search engines indexability.e) Content creation.f) Link Building.g) Measure and monitoring of your site's traffic.h) Pay p/click advertisement.i) EMail marketing.j) Website's design improvement.

Doesn't give a time around for the services.

This company doesn't give a price for the services.

KRUSE Internet Marketing Services

Makes these tests on your website and builds a report identifying your SEO problems: Navigation around the site,Inbound Links to the site,Outbound Links from the site,Domain Check,Server Check,Spider Test,Doc type Tags,Title Tags,Meta Tags,Charset,External Javascripts,External Style Sheets,Company Address,Spell Check,Keyword Density,Sponsored Links,H tags,Text Content,Compressed Graphics,Internal Linking Strategy,Robots.txt,Custom 404,Site Map,Canonical Issues,Cache Check,Supplemental Indexing,Graphic File names,Google Sitemaps,Google Analytics,Validation,Spamming,Accessibility,Content Management Systems problems.

Doesn't give a time around for the service.


SEO positioning - star-opt-design-host

Directory and Search engine submissions.


$ 100

StepForth -

a) Consulting.b) Keyword review, site optimization, submission, exclusive keyword phrases, 60 minutes of telephone support p/month and unlimited email support.c) Keyword research and analysis, website review and optimization up to 50 pages, exclusive keyword phrases, unlimited email support and 45 minutes over the phone support p/month.d) Keyword research and analysis, review and optimization up to 75 pages, exclusive keyword phrase, 60 minutes of telephone support p/ week and unlimited email support. e) Note that each package -b) , c) and d) - has an optional maintenance program.

a) 1 hour min. b) 3 months. c) 3 months d) 3-4 months e) 4 months.

a) starts at $150. b) starts at $1500 c) starts at $2500
d) starts at $4000 e) for b) and c) $200 p/month, for d) $600 p/month.

The Seo World -

a) Report based on a website analysis compairing it to top 10 google ranking sites.b) Link builing(one way) .c) 1-Article submission or 2-article submission and writing.d) Directory submission.e) Content Writing(1) 300 or (2) 600 words.f) Press Release.

a) Doesn't specify b) 3 - 60 bus days depending on links c) Doesn't specify d) 3-30 depending on links. e) 3 days+ f) Doesn't specify

a) $40
b) Doesn't specify
c) 1-$20, 2-$30 d) from $10 to $200.
e) (1) $9, (2) $16 f) Doesn't specify

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